My name is Grzegorz Tomaszewicz. Since 1990 I have been building, reconstructing and repairing musical instruments. When I started learning to make instruments, I cooperated and improved my skills with the following producers: H. Paetzold, E. Valdivia and in the Mollenhauer company /Germany/, with which I cooperated fruitfully for many years.

I specialize in production and repairs of: recorders, flutes, pipes (also drone and chanter reeds) and wooden copies of wind musical instruments from the 15th till 18th century. Now I also produce some modern instruments /look – Making/.

A lot of professional and amateur musicians from Poland and all over the world play my instruments

Reconstructions of the 16th century instruments from my workshop can be seen in the National Museum, department of Musical Instruments in Poznań.

Between 1989 and 2004 I played concerts and I specialised in professional performing of the 15th – 18th century music. I played ancient wind instruments: the cornamuse, the shawm, the rauschpfeife, the flute, the recorder, the dulcimer. I was a co-founder of the consort Lege Artis and the artistic manager of the consort Collegio Antico. I cooperated with numerous outstanding soloists as well as with cultural institutions: the National Philharmonic, the Warsaw Chamber Opera, the Folk Theatre in Cracow and others. In these years I was an active teacher in the State Music School in Warsaw and a lecturer at many musical courses in which took part more than 800 soloists and chamber musicians.

In the years 1996 – 2001 I was the artistic director, organizer and a lecturer at the Ancient Music Festival in Żywiec.

In my artistic output I have CD and DVD recordings, performances on TV programmes as well as interviews for the radio and newspapers.