Making instruments

All the instruments from my workshop are hand made without the use of modern advanced technology, for example CNC machine tools. They are produced from naturally seasoned types of wood (from 5 to 12 years): sycamore, maple, plum, pear, boxwood, ebony, grenadill, padouk, rosewood, black oak. All the processes of maintenance and preserving wood are ecological and based on the knowledge used by instrument makers in 16th/18th century.

All the GT instruments are subject to 3 years of guarantee.

GT Instruments:

Chalumeau 440/415 Hz
Cornamuse 440 Hz
Cornetto in g/ 466,440, 415 and 392 Hz
Folk flutes GT d 440/442Hz
Renaissance and Early baroque traversos in 440, 415, 392 and 384 Hz
Wooden Headjoints GT
Small clarinet in c/440 Hz
Pommer Sopran in c
Shawm 440 Hz
Baroque Traversos