Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments
by Grzegorz Tomaszewicz

Wooden Flute Headjoint in Boehm’s system

To construct these headjoint I use solutions, which have been known and used to make flutes since the 16th century as well as my own solutions – the shape of the mouthpiece, the thickness of the „chimney” of the mouthpiece, internal angles of the gape, the diameter of the cannal etc. Each headjoint is made on special, individual request to meet to the musician’s expectations. At the moment I make headjoints to the following types of flutes: Yamaha, Pearl, Muramatsu, Powell, Miyazawa , Suzuki, Hammig, etc. These headjoints are for the flute players who are searching for new means of expression for their instrument. They are excellent to play professionally chamber music  and solo music as well as to play in symphonic orquestra,

GT headjoints are produced from the following types of wood: lapacho, boxwood, plum, black oak, ebony, rosewood.


Leszek Wiśniowski/Hefi

“Subtle, warm sound, soft timbre, it is a pleasure of playing a masterpiece of the highest class”.

Elżbieta Gajewska from the Music Academy in Warsaw

“In the world search to find the true timbre of the flute, Poland is proud to have the outstanding artist Grzegorz Tomaszewicz. His knowledge, intuition and uncommon imagination make him reach excellent results in building his instruments which are characterized by mastery of work, sensitivity to nuances of tones and professional technology…”


Flute headjoints

G.R Uebel/ Erlbach Flute with new ebony headjoint GT

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